Die RBI Group IT GmbH entstand aus der Bündelung der IT-Einheiten der Raiffeisen Bausparkasse und der Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage. Als IT-Dienstleister für derzeit rund 400 Mitarbeiter erbringt die RBI Group IT GmbH umfassende und professionelle IT-Leistungen für die Spezialinstitute der Raiffeisen Bundesebene.

We believe in bringing together fruitful attitudes of motivated people in an open-minded environment. Join us, to bring our tooling-based engineering environment to the next level.
We are looking for highly skilled software engineers with exciting, new ideas to improve our tooling infrastructure as a “I like to use”-backbone for all engineering teams.

Software Engineer for Tooling Infrastructure (f/m/x)

As a software engineer for our tooling infrastructure, you work on the critical tooling infrastructure of the company. We understand tooling infrastructure as a product that is just as well engineered as software products by applying the same approaches.
You design, deploy, run and evolve the tooling infrastructure product in a cross functional team and deliver increments as fast as possible on a high level of quality.

What you can expect:

  • Build and run the tooling infrastructure backbone for all common processes of RBI Group IT GmbH. That covers requirements engineering & management, software development, design, release management, test management, support, IT operations, portfolio planning, reporting automation, etc.
  • Monitor availability, performance, and efficiency
  • Undertake adequate measures to re-establish availability in case of emergencies
  • Accelerate and actively participate in the onboarding phase of new delivery units to adapt properly the tooling infrastructure
  • Build self-services in order to enable the teams to focus on their mission and to reduce dependencies to supporting teams.

What you bring to the table:
  • Experience in the installation, configuration and automation of software engineering tooling like Jira, Confluence, Gitea, BitBucket, GitLab, GitHub, GoCD, Team City, Power BI, SonarQube, …
  • Experience in infrastructure automation with Terraform and Ansible
  • Experience in Continuous Deployment Pipelines, GNU/Linux, Container-Technologies, Virtual Machines (VMware)
  • Strong willingness to meet software engineer’s and product owner’s needs to unleash their full potential when engineering software products.

What we offer:
  • You’ll work in an international team at a leading bank
  • You’ll benefit from flexible working arrangements and determine your own work-life balance
  • You’ll benefit from the very latest in tailored professional development
  • You’ll earn an appropriate salary starting at 42.000,- gross p.a. excluding/including overtime

Do you want to meet a future colleague? Calin tells you about his experiences at RBI Group IT: #wearehiring | Get to know Calin from RBI Group IT - YouTube